Volume 3 Issue 2

Case Report

Multiple Neural Tube Defects: Do We Really Know the Truth?

Hemanshi Shah, Jyoti Bothra, Charu Sharma and Gursev Sandlas. 3(2): 345-346.

Case Report

Depersonalization-Derealization Syndrome Induced By Duloxetine Discontinuation

Matteo P, Marco M, Marco G, Raffaella A and Stefano P. 3(2): 347-349.

Case Report

Paradoxical Abnormalities of Intra and Postoperative Neuroelectrical Recording of a Scoliotic Child with Friedreich’s Ataxia

Ahmed B. Bayoumi, Zafer Orkun Toktas, Baran Yılmaz, Orkun Koban, Murat Sakir Eksi, Hulya Aydin Gungor and Deniz Konya. 3(2): 350-353.

Research Article

Clinical Profile of Non-Arteritic Anterior Ischaemic Optic Neuropathy in India and Factors Predictive of Visual Outcome

Rohit Saxena, Digvijay Singh, Rini Saha, Reena Sharma, Pradeep Sharma and Vimla Menon. 3(2): 354-361.

Review Article

Neurological Manifestations in the Gougerot Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome: About a Study of 25 Cases

Gharsallah I, Laanani A, Dhahri R, Boussetta N, Sayhi S, Derbali H, Bedoui I, Zaouali J, Mrissa R, Ben ABdelhafidh N and agili F. 3(2): 362-368.