Volume 14 Issue 6

Review Article

A SARS-COV-2 Entry Pathway Shift for the Omicron Variant Might Explain a Less Severe Disease

Calixto Machado-Curbelo, Joel Gugierrez-Gil and Alina González-Quevedo.

Case Report

Rehabilitation Benefits in Young Patient with Stroke After Foramen Ovale Patent

Florina Ojoga, Maria-Delia Alexe and Roxana Nartea.

Mini Review

How to Diagnose Clinically with Certainty the Ehlers-Danlos Disease

Claude Hamonet, Stanislas Pommeret, Sabine Pommeret, Sacha Guilhaumou, Régine Brissot, Richard Amoretti, Chantal-Marié Tanay and Arnaud Métlaine.

Short Communication

Preventing Inflammaging with the Multitasking Vitamin K

Dilip S Mehta and Vladimir Badmaev.