Volume 14 Issue 11

Research Article

Evaluation of the Conduction of the Pudendal Nerve Using Magnetic Stimulation: A Study in Healthy Volunteers and a Description of Clinical Case

AV Slivkina, KM Belyakov, AE Khrulev, EA Antipenko and EA Alexandrova. 14(11): 03-10.

Research Article

Predictors of Acute Ischemic Stroke Outcome in Young Adult in Assiut University Hospitals

Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Ahmed, Mostafa Atif Abdelhaleem and Mohamed Mostafa Shehab. 14(11): 11-20.

Research Article

Head Trauma in the ICU for Surgical Emergencies

Erragh A, Mejd DG, Alharrar R, Bouhouri MA, Nsiri A, Hamoudi D and Khaleq K. 14(11): 32-37.

Review Article

Review of Alpha-Stim and Cranial Electro Stimulation in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

Hani Raoul Khouzam MD;MPH, Sarah Jackson MFT;PhD, Jacob J Mathew PhD and Nestor Manzano MD. 14(11): 21-26.

Case Report

Holocord Lipomatosis: The Rare Yet Deadly Conundrum

Jagadeesh A, Shivaprakash M, Sibhi Ganapathy, Raykar R and Rao SAV. 14(11): 27-31.