Volume 13 Issue 4

Research Article

Prediction of Cognitive Planning Based on Response Inhibition and Spatial-Visual Ability in Male Schizophrenic Patients

Alamdar Moradpour Hafshejani, Elham Foroozandeh and Farnaz Golmohammadi. 13(4): 04-10.

Research Article

Role of Transcranial Dopplerography in Stroke

Abdullaiev RYa, Sysun LA, Kostyukovskaya AE, Yalynska TA, Abdullaiev RR and Dudnyk VV. 13(4): 70-74.

Review Article

The Potential Applicability of Melatonin as an Immunosuppressive Agent for COVID-19: Review

Leila A Pallante, Dhir N Gala, Abdullah Egiz, Sarvin Farajzadeh-Asl and Gautam Ullal. 13(4): 11-21.

Review Article

Epilepsy in 47 Angelman Syndrome Patients: A Follow-Up Study

Maria Yurjevna Bobylova, K Yu Mukhin, GV Kuzmich, OA Pylayeva and L Yu Glukhova. 13(4): 75-85.

Mini Review

How Bipolar Led to Obtaining a Solution to World Peace

Tristan Barnett. 13(4): 24-30.

Case Series

Custom Made Cranial Prosthesis, Using Craniectomy Bone Flap as Template- A Case Series

Amanda Nadia Ferreira, Manjita Parab, Godwin Clovis Da Costa, Meena Aras and Vidya Chitre. 13(4): 63-69.