Volume 12 Issue 9

Research Article

Increased MKK3 Correlates with GSK3A and P38 Concentrations in Children with Autism

AJ Russo, Albert Mensah and Judith Bowman. 12(9): 25-30.

Research Article

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Public Transport Drivers towards COVID-19 Transmission and its Protective Measures in Jimma Town, Southwest Ethiopia

Endriyas Kelta, Bekelu Teka, Minale Fekadie, Masrie Getnet and Diriba Dereje. 13(9): 55-70.

Review Article

Bipolar Disorder: Diagnosis, Pathophysiology and Therapy

Agrim Jain. 12(8): 136-149.

Case Report

Stroke in Young with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19), a Case Report during Pandemic

Naif Al Zahrani, Sultan Al Zahrani and Farah Aleisa. 12(9): 31-34.

Review Article

Mobile Phone and Mental Health: Iron Cut the Iron

Vivek K Chaturvedi, Divya Mishra, MP Singh, Payal Singh and Sachchida Nand Rai. 12(9): 50-60.

Research Article

The Correlation between the Neurological Complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis with the Disease Activity and Functional Impairment (Disability) in Omdurman - Khartoum in 2015

Mohammed I Alfaki, Mohamed D Dafaalla, Eltoum HAA, Mohamed Adel Taha, Mohamed A Abdelrahim, Musaab M Alfaki, Razeen Alhabeeb Alsherif, Mohamed A Alnour, Dina N Osman and Abbashar M Hussein. 12(9): 66-75.

Case Report

32 Years Old Female with Pulseless Carotid

Amal M Al Hashmi and Said Al-Mawali. 12(9): 78-81.

Mini Review

Does COVID-19 Affect White Matter?

Michael Chen. 12(9): 88-92.

Review Article

Neuromodulators for Primary Headache Disorders: A Review

Enver Salkim and Andreas Demosthenous. 12(9): 223-236.

Research Article

Transient Cardiovascular Responses to Passive Up and Down of Lower Extremities in Supine Position

Kenji Nemoto, Takayo Kaiho, Akira Maki, Susumu Ito and Koichi Yoshioka. 12(9): 35-41.