Volume 12 Issue 8


Lacunar Syndromes

Jacques De Reuck. 12(8): 01-02.

Research Article

Quality of Sleep and Academic Performance in Second Year Medical Students of Two Public Universities from Argentina

Juan Manuel Duarte, Claudio Berardi, Evangelina Maldonado, María Patricia Reyes and Carlos Reyes Toso. 12(8): 31-45.

Review Article

Headache - A Broad Overview

Roy G Beran, Geoffrey Quail and Frank JE Vajda. 12(8): 17-22.

Mini Review

Developing New Antipsychotic Agents: The Need to Understand Potential Targets

Monu Yadav, Anil Kumar and Naresh Kumar. 12(8): 23-25.

Case Report

Neurocysticercosis and Secondary Headache

Moses P Moorthy, AV Srinivasan and Sanjeev V Thomas. 12(8): 108-110.

Case Report

Parasellar Dermoid Cyst: A Rare Cause of Spontaneous Intracranial Haemorrhage

S Allioui, S Sninate, J El Fenni, M A Essaoudi and M Abdellaoui. 12(8): 12-16.

Research Article

COVID 19, Anosmia, Impairment of the Central Nervous System: A Phylogenetic Basis for its Comprehension

Luiz Antonio de Lima Resende, Lais Melício Cintra Bueno and Vania Maria Vasconcelos Machado. 12(8): 03-06.

Case Report

Non-Accidental Cerebral Air Embolism Secondary to Pulmonary Fibrosis

Lama Alshaikh-Mubarak and Farah Aleisa. 12(8): 07-11.

Research Article

Risk Factors and Etiologies of Stroke in Young Adults: 6 Years Retrospective Study

Amal M Al-Hashmi, Said Al-Mawali, Sachin Jose and Reem Al Habsi. 12(8): 77-85.

Research Protocol

The Role of Indian Post-Partum Care in Women€™s Psychological Functioning

Rekha Chaudhari and Nilmabari Chuadhari. 12(8): 86-89.

Mini Review

Gut Microbiome Modification, Metabolomics and Brain Disorders

Chatzintounas A Thomas. 12(8): 28-30.

Research Article

Cross-Validated AdaBoost Classifier Used for Brain Tumor Detection

Shawni Dutta and Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay. 12(8): 50-57.

Research Article

Brain and Covid-19: An Integrative Review

Nicolle dos Santos Moraes Nunes, Jacqueline Stephanie Fernandes do Nascimento, Janie Kelly Fernandes do Nascimento, Renata Rodrigues Teixeira de Castro, Marco Antônio Alves Azizi, Gilberto Canedo Martins Junior, Antônio Marcos da Silva Catharino, Valéria Camargo Silveira and Marco Antônio Orsini Neves. 12(8): 101-107.

Research Article

Gastrocnemius Exercise Programme in the Dynamic Balance

Ivan Pinto, João Oliveira, Diogo Afonso, Beatriz Domingues and Margarida Maria Florindo. 12(8): 156-162.

Review Article

Effect of COVID19 Pandemic on the Vital Function of the Central Nervous System: A Literature-based Prospective

Divya Mishra, Vivek Kumar Chaturvedi, MP Singh, Payal Singh and Sachchida Nand Rai. 12(8): 163-168.

Case Report

An Unusual Presentation of a Child with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Case Report

Amina Joarder, Amal Alqassmi, Musa ALzahrani and Fahad AlRabeeah. 12(8): 169-174.

Mini Review

Oral Intake of Melatonin Hormone Could Influence the Thymus Gland for Producing the Proper Antibodies

Photios Anninos, Nicolia Anninou, Adam Adamopoulos, Ioannis Tsagas and Nicolaos Tsagas. 12(8): 175-176.

Mini Review

A Short Glance at Oral Health and Depression

Jianliang Zhu, Sunqiang Hu, Fengchun Hu and Yun-Feng Zhang. 12(8): 177-182.

Review Article

The Relationship between Low Tension Glaucoma, CSF, the Size of the Ventricles, and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Arturo Solís Herrera, Paola E Solís Arias and Martha P Solís Arias. 12(8): 183-222.

Review Article

Brain, Diabetes and Cognition

Edgardo Gabriel Reich, Beatriz Elena Halac, Lina Osorio Coy and Patricia Castaño. 12(8): 116-129.

Case Report

Acute Bibrachial Palsy: Another Forme Fruste of Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Dimitrios Parissis, Maria Kaouna and Panagiotis Ioannidis. 12(8): 150-153.