Volume 12 Issue 7

Case Report

Spinal Cord Injury without Radiographic Abnormality Post Penetrating Chest Injury: A Case Report

Gaser Ali, Bashaier AlQahtani and Ali Altalhy. 12(7): 83-85.

Research Article

Malted Barley Ameliorated Spinal Cord Injuries of Offspring of Hypercholesterolemic Mother Rats

Zahraa A Greash, Osama A Abbas and Hassan I El-Sayyad. 12(7): 92-104.


Cerebral Complications Induced by Covid-19

Henry Collet Camarillo, Daniel Collet Salgueiro, Freddy Contreras and Manuel Velasco. 12(7): 38-39.

Mini Review

Autism during Adulthood: Neuropsychological Characteristics and Diagnosis

Nobile Emanuela, Molo MT and Keller R. 12(7): 40-45.

Short Communication

Medical Care of Covid-19 Patients, Asking for Flexible Availability

Elisabeth Van der Gulik. 12(7): 57.

Review Article

The Essentials in Deep Brain Stimulation

Sacristán HE, Galati AS and Canestrari L. 12(7): 76-90.

Research Article

Relationship between Amount of Exercise and Fatigue in People with Parkinson’s Disease

RuiPing Xia, Thomas J Ronck, Ryan A Sanft and Ross P Eason. 12(7): 58-66.

Review Article

The Control and Treatment of Neurological Complications in COVID-19 Pandemic Era

Hyunjo Kim and Jae-Hoon Song. 12(7): 97-108.