Volume 12 Issue 12


New Normal in Neurological Practice during Pandemic

Ayush Chandra. 12(12): 01-02.

Research Article

Assessment of Serum Electrolyte Disorders and Associated Factors among Patients with Neurologic Diseases Admitted to Jimma Medical Center, South West Ethiopia

Lemlemu Maru, Chala Kenenisa Edae, Samuel Abebe, Wondu Reta, Endriyas Kelta Wabalo, Almaz Bedane, Moyeta Bariso, Amare Abera, Gadisa Bedada and Belay Zawdie Wondimu. 12(12): 03-19.

Case Report

From a Simple Sinusitis to Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis

R Belfkih, FZ Elamrani, M Jilla, Z Ferjouchia, N Anouk, N Louafi and H Fadel. 12(12): 23-27.

Case Report

Lid Lag Phenomenon Revealing Myotonia Congenita: Case Report

Musa Juna, Compres L, Rosario M, Hyseni F, Rahman M, Rakovica L, Saliaj K, Guy A, Kola I and Blanco R. 12(12): 28-35.

Research Article

Neurotest: A New Paradigm for Monitoring Biphasic Trend of Organic Pathologies

Samorindo Peci, Massimo Caliendo, Rosjana Pica, Fabio Ghigi and Federica Peci. 12(12): 40-46.

Research Article

Neurosurgery and COVID-19: The International Guidelines, what Can be Done and what to Expect

Noor ul Huda Maria and Qurrat ul Ain Siddiq. 12(12): 47-65.

Case Report

X-Linked Opitz Syndrome in a 19-Month-Old Male Patient

Juna Musa, Kristi Saliaj, Fiona Bushati, Ina Kola3, Elton Cekaj, Loran Rakovica, Ali Guy, Masum Rahman, Blina Abdullahu and Diamant Shtiza. 12(12): 66-72.

Short Communication

The Newest Brain Syndrome Related to COVID-19

Eri Delgado. 12(12): 09-10.

Research Protocol

Cognitive Stimulation Program (PEC) - Our Experience from January to June 2018

Antonella Mellino, María Paz Rodríguez and Cristian Flavio Isaac. 12(12): 113-115.

Research Article

Abnormal Body Temperature in Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury - A Predictor of Unfavourable Outcome

David Okon Udoh, Oduwa Aghahowa and Mojisola O Udoh. 12(12): 73-82.

Research Article

Self-Reported Outcomes of Mexican Multiple Sclerosis Outpatients and their Impact on Quality of Life Status

Brenda Bertado-Cortés and Luis Enrique Molina-Carrión. 12(12): 83-93.

Review Article

A Mini Review on Pharmacological Effect of Tinospora cordifolia and its Inhibitory Activity on Covid-19

Varnika Chib, Neetu Saini and Anil Kumar. 12(12): 94-101.

Case Report

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: A Random Combination or a Genetic Explanation? and its Inhibitory Activity on Covid-19

Tsolaki Magda, Saoulidis Iordanis, Zafiridou Georgia, Arnaoutoglou Marianthi and Spilioti Martha. 12(12): 102-106.

Literature Review

Literature in Early Childhood

Leda Maria Codeço Barone. 12(12): 107-112.

Short Communication

Actual and Perceived Effects of Anabolic Steroid Use on Maximal Strength Performance: A Brief Review

Colton Bradley, Jennifer Hewit and Daniel Jaffe. 12(12): 113-115.

Mini Case Study

Multiple Cerebral Hydatidosis: About a Single-Stage Operation

Z Djenna, A Tobbi and S Abdeslam. 12(12): 116-118.

Review Article

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among the Visitors of Primary Healthcare Centers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Parameaswari P Jaganathan, Abdulaziz Ahmed AlJasser, Sarah Abdullah AlKahtani, Naif Abdurhman Alrudian, Yazeed Musaad Alkhuzim, Rawan Khalid Aloteebi, Mohamed Salih Abdalla Elamin, Lujain Khalid Almajed, Saad Mohammed Alalyani, Sultan Mohammed Alotaibi and Ahmed Hasan Althobaiti. 12(12): 123-134.

Review Article

Quantum Nature of Coronavirus and Method of Treatment

Adam Adamski. 12(12): 135-150.