Volume 12 Issue 11

Research Article

Comparison of Post-Mortem 7.0-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Hippocampus in Lewy Body Dementia Brains with and without Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy

Jacques De Reuck, Florent Auger, Nicolas Durieux, Claude-Alain Maurage, Vincent Deramecourt, Charlotte Cordonnier, Florence Pasquier, Didier Leys and Regis Bordet. 12(11): 17-21.

Review Article

The Main Mechanisms of Brain Adaptation to Hypoxia

Vladimir Kuznecov, Solkin AA and Beljavkij NN. 12(11): 22-30.

Mini Review

“Remplir-Cette-Ficheophobia”….. A Phobia Involving Completing Forms Incorrectly

Louis ZG Touyz and Sarah JJ Touyz. 12(11): 38-40.

Mini Case Study

Establishing PANDAS Identification and Treatment

Srijamya. 12(11): 41-43.

Research Protocol

Parkinson’s Disease and Exercise; Effects of Endorphins

Clifford Qualls and Otto Appenzeller. 12(11): 44-46.

Case Study

A Neurophysiological Method in Diagnostics of Pterygopalatine Ganglionitis

Shershever A and Samokhvalov D. 12(11): 47-51.

Case Series

Diagnostic Dilemma of Intracranial Fungal Granuloma Risk Versus Benefit Assessment Before Neurosurgical Management

Saeed Mazher, Abdul Ali Khan, Zaheen Shibli, Abdul Lateef Soneja, Shafatullah and Ahmed Ali. 12(11): 52-60.

Case Study

Morphological Changes in Parasympathetic Pterygopalatine Ganglionitis

Shershever A and Samokhvalov D. 12(11): 61-64.

Research Article

The Effect of Cretan High Phenolic Olive Oil on Fecal Calprotectin Levels in the Course of Multiple Sclerosis

Greta Wozniak, Marios Kyprou and Magda Tsolaki. 12(11): 65-79.

Research Article

Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring for Brainstem Tumor Surgeries

Faisal R Jahangiri, Katharine Pautler, Elizabeth Ekvall, Meredith Tucker, Angela Goodlin and Afia Islam. 12(11): 80-87.

Research Article

The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Patients with Lower Back Pain in Taif City, KSA in 2020

Adnan A Mubaraki, Adnan Innab, Rawan Mashhur, Abdulkarim Almutairi, Murad Mubaraki and Amani Awaji. 12(11): 88-94.

Research Article

Stigma in Mental Health: Perceptions and Attitudes of Saudi People towards Mental Illness

Abrar Al-Dawish and Saeed Wahass. 12(11): 95-103.

Mini Review

Metabolic Disorders in Adults with Epilepsy

Giovanny Soca Chafre and Elvira Castro Martínez. 12(11): 119-121.

Review Article

Sleep Disturbance May Lead to a Higher Divorce Rate in General Population

Aman Gupta, Ramesh C Deka and Shruti Gupta. 12(11): 09-20.

Systematic Review

Novel Story of Sciatica Sufferer

Abbas Alnaji. 12(11): 61-65.

Review Article

Stress Dresses Woman: Sex and Gender Differences

Giuseppe Gullace, Andrea Salmaggi, Matilde de Prospero and Gabriele Catena. 12(11): 01-14.


Experience of the Neurology Unit and COVID 19 at the Gynaeco-Obstetric and Paediatric Hospital in Douala/Cameroon (HGOPED)

Eric Gueumekane Bila Lamou, Servais Albert Eloumou, Pascal Guy Ngaba and Emile Telesphore Mboudou. 12(11): 03.

Mini Review

COVID-19 and Role of Occupational Therapy

Preetee Gokhale and Parag Sawant. 12(11): 122-125.

Case Report

Blake’s Pouch Cyst with Corpus Callosum Dysgenesis

Annapurna Rai, Utpal Kant Singh and Rajniti Prasad. 12(11): 126-128.