Volume 11 Issue 7

Guest Editorial

The Importance of Neurolearning in Childhood

Daniela Silva. 11(7): 433-435.

Research Article

Modern Problems of Diagnosis and Treatment of Neonatal Seizures

Elena A Morozova, Rimma R Sergeeva and Dmitry V Morozov. 11(7): 436-444.

Case Report

Spindle Cell Oncocytoma of the Adenohypophysis and Pituicytoma: Report of a Rare Case and Review of the Literature

Guive Sharifi, Nader Akbari Dilmaghani, Laya Jalilian Khave, Tohid Emami Meybodi, Farahnaz Bidari Zerehpoush, Mohammad Mirdamadi, Hossein Hasooni and Amir Mohammad Pajavand. 11(7): 456-460.

Research Article

Experience with Fingolimod as an Evidence-based Therapy in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: A Central American Case Series

Fernando Gracia-García, Treviño-Frenk I, Díaz-Jiménez A, Sirias-Baca AV, Benzadón-Cohen A, Chinchilla-Weinstok D, Coulson-Romero A, Dondis-Camaño D, Echeverri-McCandless A, Garro-Zúñiga M1, Martínez-Cerrato J, Mercader-Mateo I, Parajeles-Vindas A, Portillo-Rivera L, Rodríguez-Moreno V, Rosales-Bravo LG, Santos-Pujols B, Triana-Bernal E, Valderrama-Arenilla C, Valverde-Espinoza JA, Vargas-Howell R, Flores J, Sanabria-Castro A. 11(7): 465-474.

Mini Review

Ageing and Cognitive Function: A Mini-Review

Naghmeh Mokhber, Abolfazl Avan, Ahmad Delbari, Golnaz Shojaeianbabaei, Mahmoud Reza Azarpazhooh and Gary Chaimowitz. 11(7): 475-480.


Some Guidelines for Counseling and Counselors!

Michael F Shaughnessy. 11(7): 481-483.

Research Article

Pet Dogs Glioblastoma Model, Literature Review, Findings and Future Applications

D Levi, O Zeira, G Pelicci, G Farago, C Musso, I Levi Gaidim and G Broggi. 11(7): 500-505.

Case Report

Case Report: GNE Myopathy in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Nur Adlina Tajul Arifin, Ahmad Tarmizi Bin Musa, KT Wong and Joyce Pauline Joseph. 11(7): 514-519.

Review Article

ADHD: Subtyping is Revisited

Mostafa Showraki. 11(7): 520-530.

Research Article

Updated Genes, Lifestyles, and their Interactions for Human Longevity

Brenda Bin Su, Alexis Villafranca, Chunxiang Mao , Stephanie Hernandez, Stephanie Lozano, Masoud M Zarei, KeSheng Wang, Saraswathy Nair and Chun Xu. 11(7): 531-550.