Volume 11 Issue 4


Seizures and Epilepsy Related to Stroke

Jacques De Reuck. 11(4): 202-203.

Research Article

Temporomandibular Disorder is Prevalent in Chronic Migraine

Elena G Filatova, Nina V Latysheva, Alexandra S Platonova and Alexey B Danilov. 11(4): 204-212.

Review Article

White Matter Disorders in Childhood. A Perspective

Nadim H Nasser and Nadir N Nasir. 11(4): 213-220.

Case Report

Atypical Presentation Syndrome of Guillain-Barré

Daniel Cruz and Wendy Merizalde. 11(4): 221-225.

Mini Review

Does Time Improve the Quality of the Wine?

Patrice F Dassonville. 11(4): 226-229.

Short Communication

The Effect of Weak Magnetic Stimulation on Head Injury Patients

Photios Anninos, A Adamopoulos, N Anninou1, A Kotini, T Gemousakakis1 and N Tsagas. 11(4): 230-232.

Review Article

Microtubule and the Discovery of Tubulin

A Hafeez Baloch, Sarah M AlQattan, Asad J Khan, Ghadi F AlQahtani, Marwa A Aljaafri and Shouq A Albushaier. 11(4): 233-237.

Mini Review

Is Chance a Phenomenon?

Patrice F Dassonville. 11(4): 244-247.

Research Article

Transcranial Doppler Assessment of Cerebral Venous Hemodynamics in Hemispheric Ischemic Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack

Rizvan Ya Abdullaiev, Irina A Hryhorova, Larisa A Sysun, Faina I Kulikova, Alla G Kyrychenko, Alina O Hryhorova and Sergey L Kostiukovsky. 11(4): 248-253.

Review Article

The Neural Correlates of the “ID”

H Ümit Sayin. 11(4): 256-273.

Case Report

Paraplegia due to Tubercular Meningomyelitis: A Case Report

Sreeparna Dey, Manoj Kumar Mahata and Deep Das. 11(4): 274-277.

Research Article

Selection of Regional Factors Related to Cerebral Function after Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Japan

Izumi Kuboyama, Ryo Sagisaka, Eiichi Saito, Susumu Ito and Satoshi Toyokawa. 11(4): 279-287.


Child Neurology in Tunisia: Current Status and Future Prospects

Najoua Ben Khaled Miladi. 11(4): 295-299.