Volume 11 Issue 1

Research Article

Methodical Aspects of Doppler Ultrasound of the Vertebrobasilar System

Rizvan Ya Abdullaiev, Olena L Tovazhnyanska, Ruslan R Abdullaiev, Olena V Markovska and Mykhailo B Navruzov. 11(1): 04-11.

Review Article

Arousal and Drive - Cognitively Molded Emotional Arousal

Mukundan CR and Kacker P. 11(1): 12-20.

Case Report

Clinical Experience of Integrative Autism Treatment with Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Nicola Antonucci, Stefania Pacini and Marco Ruggiero. 11(1): 21-28.

Research Article

Apparent Increases in Age-Specific Morbidity and Mortality of Alzheimer’s Disease in Japan

Koji Ono, Izumi Kuboyama, Susumu Ito, Akira Maki, Yoshikazu Yamaguchi and Eiichi Saito. 11(1): 38-45.

Case Report

Sneddon Syndrome - A Rare Cause of Stroke in Young

RK Sureka, Surbhi Chaturvedi and Amit Agarwal. 11(1): 55-61.

Research Article

‘Cognitive Robotics’: A Convergent Evolution?

Ivo P Janecka. 11(1): 62-82.


Effect of Intake of Mate on the Parkinson’s Disease

Afrah Abdulkarim Ismaiel. 11(1): 86-89.

Short Communication

Matrix Rhythm Therapy for Intramedullary ependymoma incidence in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Sonali Shrivastava and K S Arif. 11(1): 90-93.

Review Article

Neuro-Endocrinological Aspects of Borderline Personality Disorder: A Short Review

Sani Zehra, Syed Daniyal Ahmed Jilanee, Muhammad Mubashir Shabu and Ali Khan. 11(1): 94-102.