Volume 10 Issue 4


Neurological Misdiagnosis, Patients’ Response and the Law

George Gregory Buttigieg and Kirill Micallef Stafrace. 10(4): 239-240.

Research Article

Sleep Apnea and Depression Effects on Hospital Costs of Elderly: Examining Variations by Ethnicity and Gender

Baqar A Husaini, Robert S Levine and Majaz Moonis. 10(4): 257-264.


Neuroscience and Brain Child Development

Daniela Silva. 10(4): 268-269.

Review Article

The Impact of Cognitive Training in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease. A Selective Review

Anastasia Nousia, Eleni Aretouli, Vasileios Siokas, Grigorios Nasios, Lambros Messinis and Efthimios Dardiotis. 10(4): 270-278.

Research Article

Pico-Tesla Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Cerebral Atrophy Patients

Photios Anninos, Adam Adamopoulos, Athanasia Kotini and Nicolaos Tsagas. 10(4): 279-282.

Research Article

Study to Evaluate the Role of Patent Foramen Ovale in Migraine with Aura and Identification of the Predictors of Aura among Patients Attending the Neurology Outpatient Department at a Tertiary Care Centre of Eastern India

Kartick Chandra Ghosh, Ramesh Bhattacharya, Saikat Ghosh, Manoj Mahata, Sarbojit Das, Suman Das and Gourango Prosad Mondal. 10(4): 285-292.

Research Article

The New Science of Health

Ivo P Janecka. 10(4): 293-322.

Conceptual Paper

The Problem with the Hard Problem: Thoughts on an Oscillatory Theory of Consciousness

Peter A Moskovitz, Kathinka Evers and James Giordano. 10(4): 323-333.

Short Communication

The Language We Speak Affects Our Cognition

Genc Struga. 10(4): 342.