Volume 10 Issue 10

Research Article

Depression and Gender Effects on Healthcare Costs of Heart Failure: Examining Rural-Urban Differences

Baqar A Husaini, Janice Emerson, Meggan Novotny, Deborah Taira and Robert Levine. 10(10): 890-896.

Case Report

Case Report of an Astasia-Abasia Syndrome After Operation of a Left Frontal Glioblastoma Multiforme

Marcela Lippert-Grüner and Stephan Grüner. 10(10): 902-904.

Research Article

Mechanism of Learning Implementing Metaphorical Thinking: An Understanding how it Works?

C Girija Navaneedhan and T J Kamalanabhan. 10(10): 905-921.

Case Report

Phacomatosis: Case Report

Astudillo-Mariño Nicolay, Rodríguez-Abarca Pamela, Freitas-Leonardo Furtado and Benavides-Fuentes Eliana. 10(10): 922-927.

Research Article

A Prospective Study of Cerebral Sino-Venous Thrombosis in Males - An Under Recognized Disease

Khichar Purnaram Shubhakaran, Amita Bhargava, Ankit Shah, Kirti Sachdeva and Arvind Lakesar. 10(10): 933-937.

Review Article

Brain Neural Network and Language Skills

ST Janetius. 10(10): 938-942.

Mini Review

EEG-fMRI in Epilepsy: An Overview

Emanuele Bartolini. 10(10): 943-946.