EC Neurology

Guest Editorial Volume 15 Issue 6 - 2023

Brainbased Psychotherapy in a Nutshell

Henk Hermans*

Psychotherapist, Psychologist and Coach in Private Practice in Middelburg, Netherlands

*Corresponding Author: Henk Hermans, Psychotherapist, Psychologist and Coach in Private Practice in Middelburg, Netherlands.
Received: May 04, 2023; Published: June 12, 2023

All psychological functions (perception, memory, feeling, thinking and behaviour) are made possible, because of your brain. Your brain is the organ, that offers you the possibility to react on events in the outside world and inside world. The idea that we don’t react on things themselves but on the perceptions that our brain makes, was already known by the ancient Roman Stoic Epictetius. In his book Encheiridion he writes: It is not things themselves, that disturbs us, but our perception of them. Epictetus taught us 2000 years ago, that our emotional reactions are the results of the perceptions our brains make. Perceptions of the outside world and perceptions of our inner world.

Brain based psychotherapy shares this age-old philosophical insight, but follows in its theoretical vision the results of modern neuroscientific research. Psychotherapy has its roots in the writings of 19th century neurologists and psychiatrists, but exchanged their neuroscientific vision in an early phase for a pure psychological vision. The neuroscientific basis of human behaviour was almost completely ignored. Brain based psychotherapy sees this as a historical error, and has its theory in the results of modern brain science.

Henk Hermans. “Brainbased Psychotherapy in a Nutshell”. EC Neurology  15.6 (2023): 52-53.