EC Neurology

Review Article Volume 15 Issue 5 - 2023

Before Sars 2 Covid 19: Cover Up Sexual Sadistic Urges with Nice Mask

D Tesu-Rollier*

Psychiatrist, UDE Paris, France

*Corresponding Author: D Tesu-Rollier, Psychiatrist, UDE Paris, France.
Received: April 05, 2023; Published: April 27, 2023

We made the choice of this case because of the clinical association of several major psychiatric disorders and addictive troubles, and the existence of thymic and productive troubles throughout the times of delusional burgeoning as well.

When sexuality becomes an evil thing tending towards a feeling of sheer excitement longing for relief. An excitement crystalizing within a white psychosis or a current neurosis or a somatic ailment. The medical science suggests solutions and body operates transactions.

Who speaks? soma or psyche?

Keywords: Depression; Psychopathology; Prison; Suicide Prevention; Sexual Offense; Personality Disorders; Hallucinations; Scarifications

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