Volume 8 Issue 4


Perspectives in Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Drug Discovery

Guilherme Felipe Dos Santos Fernandes and Jean Leandro Dos Santos. 8(4): 200-202.

Research Article

Effects of Agrochemicals (Insecticides) on Microbial Population in Soil

Braide Wesley, Ajugwo GC, Adeleye SA, Ibegbulem CR and Azuike PA. 8(4): 211-221.

Research Article

Identification of Antimicrobial Compounds from Streptomyces sp. Isolated from Western Ghats Soil in Tamil Nadu

Joseph Devadass B, Gabriel Paulraj M, Ignacimuthu S, Agastian Simiyon Theoder P and Al Dhabi NA. 8(4): 222-231.

News Letter

Finding Drugs in Unusual Places

Sergiu Fendrihan. 8(4): 232-233.