Volume 7 Issue 6


Streptococcus gallolyticus Subspecies pasteurianus Septicemia Associated with Colon Carcinoma

Attapon Cheepsattayakorn and Ruangrong Cheepsattayakorn. 7(6): 182.

Research Article

Antiretroviral Therapy Resistance and Patient’s Response to HIV-1 Allied Genotypes’ patterns in Sudan. Pattern of Opportunistic Infections Among HIV-1 in Sudan

Mohammed A Hammad, Karimeldin MA Salih, Mohammed A Abdallah, Rashid A Salih, Ahmed A Mohammedani, Isam M Elkhidir and Ayman A Elshayeb. 7(6): 183-191.

Mini Review

Premises Plumbing and Wet Technological Niches as Sources of Healthcare-Associated Infections in Hospital

Sophie Baranovsky, Patricia Licznar-Fajardo, Estelle Jumas-Bilak and Sara Romano-Bertrand. 7(6): 192-197.

Research Article

Transplantation of Intestinal Microbiota and its Clinical Application

Álvaro Zamudio Tiburcio, Héctor Bermúdez Ruíz, María del Pilar Guevara Alvarado, Hugo Ricardo Lezama Guzmán, Elena Islas-Solares and Francisco Antonio Sosa-López. 7(6): 198-208.

Research Article

Evaluation of a Herbal Mouthwash (BefreshTM) Vs. Chlorhexidine Mouthwash (Clohex Plus): A Prospective Clinical and Microbiological Study

Krishna Kripal, Kavita Chandrasekaran, Senthil Rajan S, Samba Siva Reddy, Prathush Ajit Kumar, Madhuri Kotha and Sushma Reddy Bhavanam. 7(6): 209-218.

Mini Review

DNA Bar-Code for Identification of Microbial Communities: A Mini-Review

Dhiraj Kumar Chaudhary and Ram Hari Dahal. 7(6): 219-224.