Volume 7 Issue 4

Research Article

Production and Evaluation of a New Recombinant Cloning Vector for the Clostridium novyi Type B Vaccine Strain Alpha Toxin Gene

Fatemeh Ataei Daryaei, Reza Pilehchian Langroudi and Bahram Golestani Eimani. 7(4): 106-111.

Research Article

Epidemiological Characteristics and Antibiotic Resistance of Acinetobacter baumannii Isolated from Burn Patients

Muhammed Babakir-Mina, Kamal Jalal Rashid, Shaxawan Saeb Beg, Chia Kamil Noori, Mohammed Ibrahim Mohialdeen Gubari, Fadhil Ahmed Mohialdeen and Salvatore Dimonte. 7(4): 112-120.

Research Article

Detection and Molecular Characterization of gyrA and gyrB Genes of MDR-Salmonella typhi Isolated from Clinical Sample in Sudan

Kyakonye Yasin, Mwatasa H Mwaganyuma, Ftum M Amir, Muzamil M Abdel Hamid, Hisham N Altayb, Mohamed M Hassan and Mohamed A Hussain. 7(4): 121-128.


Biodiesel: The Quintessential Move Towards Ecofriendliness

Sirajunnisa Abdul Razack. 7(4): 129-130.