Volume 5 Issue 3


MERS-CoV Management in a Healthcare Facility

A Kumar and Souranshu Chatterjee. 5(3): 79-80.

Review Article

Onychomycosis: Review

Manjusha Pouranik and Gunjan Mishra. 5(3): 81-85.

Research Article

Virulence Genes in Staphylococcus aureus Strains Isolated from Different Clinical Specimens in an Iranian Hospital

Sahar Yaslianifard, Sharare Jabari, Mehdi Mirzaii, Fatemeh Kermanian, Seyed Mahmoud Amin Marashi, Nafiseh Khosravi Dehaghi, Shahriar Alimorad and Somayeh Yaslianifard. 5(3): 86-92.

Research Article

Bacteriological Profile and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Wound Infection in Children

Pankaj Pokhrel, Anil Shrestha, Prabhat Panthi, Sarita Manadhar and Dhiraj Kumar Chaudhary. 5(3): 93-100.

Review Article

Can Clinical Staging of Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis be of any Therapeutic Benefit?

Abdul Mannan Baig and Armaghan-e-Rehman Mansoor. 5(3): 101-108.

Research Article

Chemical and Microbial Characterizations of Bio-Yoghurt Made Using ABT Culture, Cow Milk and Coconut Milk

Sherif Lotfy El-Kadi, Magdy Mohamed Ismail, Mohamed Faried Hamad and Mohamed Shalaby Zidan. 5(3): 109-124.