Volume 2 Issue 4

Research Article

Transport DNA by Outer Membrane Vesicles of Aeromonas hydrophila

Andrea Guerrero-Mandujano, Ingrid Palma-Mart�nez and Graciela Castro-Escarpulli. 2(4): 354-357.

Research Article

Faecal Carriage of Extended-Spectrum �-Lactamase (ESBL)- Producing Aeromonas Species

Aurora Longa B, Judith Velasco, G�nesis Camacho D, Dalierys Gonz�lez D, Graciela Castro-Escarpulli. 2(4): 358-362.


Senecavirus A: A Newly Emerging Picornavirus of Swine

Lok R Joshi and Diego G Diel. 2(4): 363-364.

Research Article

Study of Pre-Surgical Antimicrobial Prescribing Pattern and Correlation with Microbiological Data in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Madhusudhan E, Ramakrishna Pai Jakribettu, Rekha Boloor and Shubha N Rao. 2(4): 365-373.