Volume 2 Issue 3


Malaria Vaccine Development: A Step Towards Reality

Muktikesh Dash. 2(3): 294-295.

Research Article

In Vitro Generated Tumor/APC Hybrids Induce Allogeneic Tumor-Killer T Cells

Yehia S Mohamed, Kamel A El Ghareeb, Fatma A Gomaa and Eman Y Abu-rish. 2(3): 296-306.

Research Article

Theileria assiutis n. sp. Infecting Camelus dromedarius at Assiut locality, Upper Egypt

Barakat Shehata Abd-Elmaleck, Gamal Hassan Abed and Ahmad Mohammad Mandour. 2(3): 307-316.

Review Article

Macrophages and the Viral Dissemination Super Highway

Arielle Klepper and Andrea D Branch. 2(3): 328-336.