Volume 2 Issue 2

Research Article

A Community Based Assessment of the Immunization Coverage and the Associated Factors of Children Aged 12-23 Months at Gondar Town, Northwest Ethiopia

Mucheye Gizachew, Nigussie Birhane, Mengistu Mekonnen and Abebeaw Jember. 2(2): 247-260.

Research Article

Direct PCR Detection, Cloning, and Characterization of Bacterial �-Glucosidase Genes from Temperate Soils

Luis Jimenez, Isabella Canal Delgado, Elyssa Barron, Stephanie Zapata, Theranda Jashari, Tina Choe and Satenik Melkonyan. 2(2): 261-268.


MIRRI Promoting Quality Management Systems for Microbiology

Dunja Martin, Erko Stackebrandt and David Smith. 2(2): 278-287.

Research Article

Biology of CD305 and its Implication in Maternal-Fetal Immune Tolerance

Qiang Fu and Jiangnan Xue. 2(2): 288-293.