Volume 1 Issue 3

Review Article

The Jasmonate Signaling Pathway Induction in Plants: A Response to Herbivore Chewing Insects

I Naseer, A Ayoub, M Naseer and Sami Ullah Khan. 1(3): 122-128.

Research Article

16S rRNA Identification of Microorganisms and Direct Detection of Functional Genes in Waste Material Generated by an In-Vessel Rotating Compost System

Luis Jimenez, Elizabeth Kulko, Edward Veloz, Elyssa Barron, Belal Ibrahim, Thomas Flannery, Brenda Margolis, Prasha Das, Jacqueline Mateo, and Theresa Aponte. 1(3): 129-142.

Research Article

Evaluation of PCR and Millipore Filtration Method for the Diagnosis of Schistosoma haematobium: A Comparative Study

Abosalif KO, Aljafari AS, Shammat IM, Shiff CJ and Ahmed AA. 1(3): 150-154.

Research Article

Susceptibility Pattern of Isolates from Surgical Ward Patients of A Tertiary Care Referral Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Umer Shujat, Aamer Ikram, Shahid A Abbasi, Muhammad Ayyub and Faisal Hanif. 1(3): 155-161.