Volume 18 Issue 9


Use of Microorganisms as Catalyst- Bioelectrochemical Devicesk

Christine Bodell and Mahnaz Mazaheri Assadi

Research Article

An Investigation into the In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Moringa Leaf and Seed Extract

Yasser Jabah Alsendi, Vicki Anderson and Saeid Al Matif

Research Article

Evaluation of Safety Attributes of Meat Purchased at Small Scale Butcheries, Wad-Medani City, Gezira State, Sudan

Abdel Moneim E Sulieman, Huyam I Hamad, Walied A Mustafa, Sulaiman A Alsalamah and Nawaf I Alshammari

Research Article

Evaluation of Prediabetes in High Risk Population of Kashmir Valley

Javid A Khan, Nissar ul Hassan, Waseem A Qureshi, Masood Tanvir, Adil Ashraf and Kadri SM

Research Article

Role of Colonization Resistance of Gastric and Intestinal Mucosa in the Development of Gastrointestinal Bacterial Infections

Chicherin IYu, Pogorelsky IP, Kolodkin AM, Lundovskikh IA, Shabalina MR and Kolevatykh EP.