Volume 17 Issue 7


COVID-19 Vaccines in Brazil

Herbert Fernandes. 17(7): 08-09.

Research Article

Description of Peptoniphilus phoceensis sp. nov., and Lentibacillus timonensis sp. nov., Two New Bacteria Isolated from Fresh Stool of Human

Fatou Samba Diouf, Mariem Ben Khedher, Stéphane Alibar, Marièma Sarr, Bruno Senghor, Sory Ibrahima Traore, Cheikh Sokhna, Didier Raoult, Cheikh Ibrahima LO and Florence Fenollar. 17(7): 10-21.

Research Article

Risk Factors for Death in Severe Acute Respiratory Infections Cases at the Houndé Sentinel Site, Burkina Faso

Dieudonne Tialla, Sonia Rouamba/Ilboudo, Assana Cisse and Zekiba Tarnagda. 17(7): 31-40.

Research Article

Migration of the Immune System Cells Induced by Moderate Cold Stress

Semenova Yanina-Mariya. 17(7): 41-48.

Research Article

Preliminary Screening for Natural Bioactive Compounds in Potato Peel Fermentation Broth

Abdulbaset M Alayat, Farid Sotoudehnia, Endalkachew Mengistie, Karol Gliniewicz and Armando G McDonald. 17(7): 49-66.

Research Article

Fermented Milk Manufacture Conditions Affect Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB12 Survival as a Result of Membrane Fatty Acid Composition

Ana Carolina Florence, Marice Nogueira de Oliveira, Armelle Delile and Catherine Beal. 17(7): 67-82.

Research Protocol

A Comparative Evaluation of Microbial Adhesion of Oral Pathogens to Three Different Types of Post system: An Invitro Study

Danah Mkarem, Hadeer Muneer, Lovely M, Hafiz Ahmad and Jodat Askari. 17(7): 83-93.

Research Article

Sudden and Steep Harsh Environment Results in Over-Compensation in Digital Organisms

Dennis GY Ang and Maurice HT Ling. 17(7): 104-113.

Research Article

The Association Between Maternal Serum Ferritin Level and Preterm Labor

Fayza Ahmed Andegani, Safaa M Al-Hasani, Seham Yahia Kutbi, Doaa Ahmed, Reem Adnan and Khulud Yahya Khati. 17(7): 114-120.

Review Article

Post-ICU Discharge Management of Covid-19 Patients

Abdullah Musaad A Alghamdi, Abdulrahman Faihan Alotaibi, Muhannad Saad Alabbasi, Hani Hammad Alabdali, Mansour Abdulmalik Alsheekh, Turki Abdulgany Helal, Albaraa Hussain Nayyaz and Albaraa Mohammed Alabbadi. 17(7): 94-99.

Review Article

Spirulina Rising: Microalgae, Phyconutrients, and Oxidative Stress

Mark F McCarty and Nicholas A Kerna. 17(7): 121-128.

Mini Review

Tenofovir as a Treatment for COVID-19

Usama Alanan, Ahmed A Alhusein and Mariana Haydar. 17(7): 100-103.