Volume 17 Issue 5


Overview of Covid19 Diagnosis

María Elizabeth Márquez Contreras. 17(5): 01-02.

Research Article

Coinfection of HIV-1 with Schistosoma spp. and with Intestinal Parasites in Patients Attending Boane Health Center, Maputo Province, Mozambique

Lucas Banze, Ana Carina Madureira, Borges Cerveja Zacarias, Noémia Nhacupe, Carmen Mascaro-Lazcano, Constance A Benson, Robert T Schooley and Emilia Virginia Noormahomed. 17(5): 03-16.

Research Article

Socio-Demographic, Clinical, Hospital Admission and Oxygen Requirement Characteristics of COVID-19 Patients of Bangladesh

Ratindra Nath Mondal, Md Abdur Razzak Sarker, Anupam Das, SM Ahsanul Kabir Ahsan, Shah Md Sarwer Jahan, Aklima Sultana, Jafrin Sultana, Moni Rani and Auhidur Rahman Rony. 17(5): 25-34.

Research Article

Frequency, Distribution and Antibiotic Resistance of Pathogens in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of Children with Meningitis in Pediatric Hospital-Bengazi-Libya

Dareen El Shareef Ahmed Jadullah, Lubna A Salem, Ana Janic and Aman Gupta. 17(5): 35-55.

Research Article

Invitro Studies on Antagonistic Potential of Trichoderma Species and Plant Extracts against Various Plant Pathogens

Mansoor A Dar, Mandeep Kaur, Ambreen Hamdani, Sadaf Rafiq, Aatifa Rasool and Zaffar Bashir. 17(5): 56-65.

Research Article

Evaluation of Monitored and Unmonitored Bacteria in Recreational Beaches in Puerto Rico: Underlining the Environmental Factors that Affect Beach Quality

Carlos Hernandez, Daviana Menendez, Kiomara Carrero, Paola Gonzalez, Ruben A Suro and Karlo Malave-Llamas. 17(5): 86-95.

Research Article

Frequency of Isolation and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Bacteria Isolated from Bloodstream of Septicemic Patients at Pediatric Hospital-Benghazi

Dareen El Shareef Ahmed Jadullah, Lubna A Salem, Ana Janic and Amandeep Gupta. 17(5): 96-115.

Review Article

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): The Pandemic Challenge

Iram Liaqat and Noor Muhammad. 17(5): 116-125.