Volume 16 Issue 9


The Role of Research in Relation to the Novel Covid-19

Omar Bashir Ahmed. 16(9): 36-37.

Research Article

Demonstration of In Vitro Anti-Bacterial Activity of Crucial Medicinal Plants in Bangladesh against Pathogens Isolated from Sputum Samples

Sharmin Akter, Tanjia Akter, Md Mahmud Rahman, Shah Murshid Uj Jaman Arowan, Muhammad Asaduzzaman and Ifra Tun Nur. 16(9): 25-35.

Review Article

Overview of Influenza on Older Patients

Kawthar Ahmed Alabdrabalrasol, Raed Muhammad Alahmari, Ali Saeed A Aladalah, Naif Khaled Alotaibi, Abdullah Mohammed Alzahrani, Abdullah Saeed Alghamdi, Mahdia Ibrahim Alhujairat, Ali Ahmad Alasmary, Mohammed Abdullah Alzahrani and Anas waheeb shuwail. 16(9): 07-13.

Research Article

Novel Starter Cultures for Fermented Meat Products (Sausages)

Rajkumar Berwal and Rekha Berwal. 16(9): 14-19.

Research Article

Agar-Plate Screening for Textile Wastewater Decolorization by Some White Rot Fungi

Numan Yildirim and Gokhan Onder Erguven. 16(9): 20-24.

Short Communication

Creating an Antiviral Arsenal for Epidemic Preparedness

Rashmi Nemade, Ross Youngs and Guy Carter. 16(9): 46-50.