Volume 14 Issue 10


Principles of Diagnosis of Lyme Borreliosis in Croatia

Gordana Blagojević Zagorac. 14(10): 671.

Research Article

Cloning and Expression Assessment of Uricase Gene from Bacillus subtilis in Some Escherichia coli Strains

Shirin Ebrahimi, Morvarid Shafiei, Abdolmajid Ghasemian, Seyyed Khali Shokouhi Mostafavi, Rashid Jamei and Farshad Nojoomi. 14(10): 672-677.

Review Article

Influenza: A Persistent Public Health Concern

Elio Plevneshi and Satesh Bidaisee. 14(10): 678-683.

Case Report

Tuberculosis in Newborns and Infants: A Case Series from a Tertiary Referral Center in Mexico

Mercedes Macías-Parra, Napoleón González-Saldaña, Eduardo Arias-de la Garza, Oscar Tamez-Rivera and José Iván Castillo-Bejarano. 14(10): 684-685.

Research Article

Detection of Drug Resistant Genes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Sudanese Tuberculosis Patients in Khartoum State Using Multiplex PCR

Mohammed Saad Mohammed Farah Aldour, Abdel Rhim Mohammed Elhussein, Isam Mohammed Elkhidir, Seif Eldin Tayeib, Osama Mohammed Khair, Nouh S Mohamed and Khalid A Enan. 14(10): 686-693.

Research Article

Evaluation of Serum Adenosine Deaminase, Lactate Dehydrogenase and Ceruloplasmin during Anti-tuberculosis Treatment

Suresh Bhandari, Sudip Regmi, Niraj Dhakal, Gyanendra Gautam, Sharad Karki, Sanjeeb Shrestha, Pradip Potdar and Zunjarrao Badade 14(10): 694-698.

Research Article

Determinants of Measles Recurrent Outbreak in South West Ethiopia: an Obstacle for Implementation of Infectious Disease Eradication in the Country

Bayu Begashaw Bekele, Tegene Legese, Abeba Daniel, Abera Kumalo, Hamid Yimam1 and Tafesse Lamaro. 14(10): 699-706.

Research Article

Assessment of Halophilic Bacteria in the Salt Flats and Wildlife Refuge in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico and their Antibiotic Resistance Pattern

Franco Negrón, Jayleen Duprey, José Roig and Karlo Malavé-Llamas. 14(10): 707-714.