Volume 13 Issue 1


Exploring the Potential of Actinobacteria in Agriculture

Itamar Soares Melo. 13(1): 01-04.

Bibliography Review

Intestinal Microbiota and Immune System

Álvaro Zamudio-Tiburcio, Héctor Bermúdez-Ruiz and Pedro Antonio Reyes López. 13(1): 05-14.

Research Article

Genetic Polymorphisms of the Merozoite Surface Protein-2 Block-3 in Plasmodium falciparum Field Isolates in Cameroonian Asymptomatic Children: Relation to Multiplicity of Infection, Parasitaemia and Age

Dongang Nana Rodrigue Roman, Ngono Ngane Rosalie Anne, Vineeta Singh, Koanga Mogtomo Martin Luther, Pooja Thathola, Aditi Arya, Moyou-Somo Roger and Mouelle Sone Albert. 13(1): 15-25.

Short Communication

Polymerase Chain Reaction: Molecular Tool Employed in the Diagnostic of Chagas Disease

María Elizabeth Márquez Contreras. 13(1): 26-29.

Research Article

Determination of Drug Resistance Mechanism (s) of Clinical Isolates of P. aeruginosa and Phytoextract as Drug Resistance Reversal Agent

Gaurav Raj Dwivedi, Avinash Singh, Harish C Upadhyay, Sanghmitra Pati, Devendra P Singh, Kashi N Prasad, Mahendra P Darokar and Santosh K Srivastava. 13(1): 35-41.