Volume 11 Issue 6

Research Article

Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of a Novel Non Antibiotic: The Tetracyclic Antidepressant Drug Mianserin

Bidisha Ghosh, Jette E Kristiansen, Shauroseni Palchoudhuri, Debalina Sinha Roy, Sukhen Das and Sujata G Dastidar. 11(6): 232-240.

Novel Innovational Paper

Monitoring of Compliance on an Individual Treatment through Mobile Innovations

A Anastasiou, K Giokas and D Koutsouris. 11(6): 241-248.


Avian Flu A (H7N9) Infection: A New Largest Fifth Wave in China

Attapon Cheepsattayakorn and Ruangrong Cheepsattayakorn. 11(6): 249.

Research Article

Antimicrobial Activity of Sideroxylon obtusifolium (Roem. and Schult) T.D. Penn. (Sapotaceae)

Fausto Carnevale Neto, Ana Carolina Kogawa and Hérida Regina Nunes Salgado. 11(6): 250-256.

Review Article

Public Health Significance of Verotoxin-Producing Escherichia coli O157:H7

Mahendra Pal and Yodit Ayele. 11(6): 257-263.