Volume 10 Issue 5


Oxazolidinones as Inhibitors of Protein Synthesis

Guilherme Felipe Dos Santos Fernandes and Jean Leandro Dos Santos. 10(5): 177-178.

Research Article

A Potential New Isolate for Actinokinase Production

Hanan Moawia Ibrahim and Mohamed Abd Elmahamoud Ahmed. 10(5): 179-185.

Review Article

Apolipophorin III: A Unique Insect Protein

Pankaj Dwivedi. 10(5): 186-196.

Case Report

Neurosensory Loss Hearing of Syphilitic Etiology in a Patient with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection

Jorge Antonio Valencia-La Rosa, Christian Gómez-Dávila, Jesús Sanz-Sanz, and Ignacio de los Santos-Gil. 10(5): 197-199.

Review Article

Human Papillomavirus Infection in Brazil. Review

Fúlvio Breno de Oliveira Lima, José Gilmar Costa Santos, Bruna Karoline Santos Melo Monteiro and Júlia Maria Gonçalves Dias. 10(5): 200-210.

Research Article

The Possibilities of the Prediction of Heterosis in Elite Lines of Onion Based on the Assessment of Genetic Diversity

Dnyaneshwar Vajire, Karishma Thakare, Rahul Solunke, Archana Panche and Aparna Tiwari. 10(5): 211-219.