Volume 9 Issue 8

Research Article

Prevalence of Plasmodium Infection among Pregnant Women in Different Hospitals in Enugu Metropolis

Esimai Bessie Nonyelum, Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi and Njoki OO. 9(8): 01-04.

Clinical Image

Case Report: Female Intimate Surgery

Femopase Gabriel and Femopase Sofia. 9(8): 23-24.


Comment on Article: Validity of Fasting Blood Glucose as a Diagnostic Test for Gestational Diabetes during the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Olano-Ugás Alex Fernando, Collantes-Silva Andrea and Soto Cáceres Víctor. 9(8): 58.

Research Article

The Response of the Local Immune System to the Introduction of Polypropylene Synthetic Implants (Experimental Study)

Palastin PM, Bezhenar VF, Petrov VA, Azhimova Sholpan and Revenko Anastassiya. 9(8): 05-09.

Research Article

Perception of the Quality of Health Care in Women that Suffered Spontaneous Abortion

Angy Lorena Meneses-Parra and Mildred Guarnizo-Tole. 9(8): 36-44.

Research Article

Laparoscopic Surgery during Pregnancy at the National Institute of Perinatology

Cruz-Orozco Oliver P, Vera-Arellano Maria F, Olguin-Ortega Andrea A, Luis Fernando Ponce Escobar, Hernández-López Luis A, Cepeda-Silva Armando, Silvestri-Tomassoni Roberto, Sánchez-Ramírez Brenda and Corona-Barsse Guillermo M. 9(8): 45-49.

Research Article

The Efficacy of HE4 and ROMA in Prediction of Ovarian Malignancy in Comparison to CA-125 and RMI

Hend S Saleh, Hala E Sherif, Ahmed Mahmoud Abdou and Ahmed H Elsayad. 9(8): 50-54.