Volume 9 Issue 12

Review Article

Testicular Dysfunction Biomarkers in Reproductive Biochemistry Research

Omowumi T Kayode, Damilare E Rotimi, Olubisola A Afolayan, Abolanle A A Kayode and Muhammad Akram. 9(12): 50-55.

Case Report

Role of Lung Ultrasound in Obstetric Decision Making in Times of Pandemic COVID19. Case Report

Orozco Fernandez Rodrigo, Garcia Sanchez Marta, Moreno Ferrer Olivia, Aranda Higueras Juana, Vilches Jimenez Jose-Carlos and Lopez Díaz Andres-Carlos. 9(12): 56-61.

Review Article

Combined and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in the Treatment of Dysplasia and Cancer of the Vulva

Cherenkov VG, Pasevich KG and Alexandrova IV. 9(12): 62-66.

Research Article

Long Term Effect of Denosumab on Densitometry Evolution in Women Patients

Gonzalez Lissette Alejandra and Rodriguez MA. 9(12): 67-73.

Review Article

Current Trends in Management of Caesarean Scar Pregnancy

Suneeta Mittal and Pakhee Aggarwal. 9(12): 23-28.