Volume 8 Issue 8

Case Series

“Karoshi-Henrich” Technique of Caesarean Assisted Vaginal Breech Delivery

Mahantesh Karoshi and Wolfgang Henrich. 8(8): 699-704.

Review Article

Main Resveratrol Action Mechanisms in Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

Victor Fabricio, Claudio Lera Orsatti, Rafaela Fadoni Alponti and Keico Okino Nonaka. 8(8): 628-637.

Research Article

Successful Twin Pregnancy and Delivery Using Sperm that was Cryopreserved for 20 Years

Trokoudes M Krinos, Charalambous Danae, Constantinos Pavlides and Onoufriou Maria. 8(8): 645-647.

Research Article

High Nuchal Translucency (NT) with a Normal Karyotype-The Clinical Implications

R Elmidany, M Zidan, A Al Ibrahim, S Al Obaidly, M Al-Baloushi, N Al Janahi, N Khenyab and Z Al Mansoori. 8(8): 663-670.

Research Article

Infectious Risk in Newborns of Mothers with Positive GBS 2016 - 2017

Orozco Fernandez Rodrigo, Gonzales Gamarra Raiza G, Ruiz Serrano Cristina, García-Puente Mesa Luis M, Plaza Arranz Franciso J and Albi González M. 8(8): 687-693.

Research Article

Constitution Oriented Regulation for Granulocyte/Lymphocyte Ratio within 24 hrs by Hot-Spring Hydrotherapy

Takafumi Takei, Yoshihiko Kitada, Yujiroh Kojima, Yoshiichiroh Matsuba and Nobuo Yamaguchi. 8(8): 744-752.

Research Article

Proliferative Activity of the Epithelium of the Mucous Membrane of the Cervix of Postmenopausal Women

IV Reva, T Yamamoto, IA Odintsova, SN Nikolaenko, GV Abramyan, YI Pigolkin6, SN Vaschenko, DP Puga, VG Kojukhar, VV Usov, EI Valkovitsch, IA Khramova and GV Reva. 8(8): 730-737.

Research Article

The Rise of Serum Progesterone and its Effect on the Success of In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Hanin Alduraiby, Arwa Alabdulwahid, Serdar Coskun and Khalid Awartani. 8(8): 738-743.

Case Report

Placenta Percreta with Bladder Invasion, Report of a Case and Description of the Surgical Technique

Edgar Allan Villagómez Mendoza, Isai Natan Yescas Osorio and Aldo Toriz Prado. 8(8): 615-620.

Research Protocol

Unmet Need for Family Planning and Associated Factors among Married Women of Reproductive Age Group in Hawassa Zuria District, Sidama Zone, South Ethiopia

Desalegn Tsegaw Hibstu, Teshome Abuka Abebo, Dawit Jember Tesfaye, Yadessa Tegene Wolde and Birhanu Jikamo Bago. 8(8): 671-679.

Research Article

The Age Like Decisive Risk of the Cervical Cancer: A Vision from the Secondary Prevention

Heenry Luis Dávila Gómez and Zaskia Matos Rodríguez. 8(8): 608-614.

Mini Review

Vitamin D and Influence on Reproduction

Alba Jiménez Guerrero. 8(8): 684-686.

Research Article

Case Report of Morbidly Adherent Placenta in Association with SLE: Placental Mesenchymal Disease (PMD)

Girija Wagh, Renuka Hapase, Nilima Gandhe and Amit Nigade. 8(8): 648-655.

Case Report

Scar Endometriosis the fact and the Myth: A Report of 2 Cases and Literature Review

Marwa Fakhreldin, Rawia Mohamed and Sadoon S Sadoon. 8(8): 638-642.

Research Article

Endometrial Cancer in Low Resource Settings, Challenges!

S Chhabra and N Gangane. 8(8): 714-721.

Case Report

HELLP Syndrome: A Case Presentation

Mojtaba Mafi and Fateme Rezvani. 8(8): 643-644.

Mini Review

Will Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Increase Risk of Type 2 DM?

B Pradeepa, Manjubala Dash and A Felicia Chitra. 8(8): 753-756.