Volume 7 Issue 3

Research Article

Complex Correction of Thrombohemorrhagic Disorders in Patients with Giant Uterine Myoma

O Tarabrin, I Tutryn, I Basenko, A Turenko, P Tarabrin, D Sazhyn and D Volodychev. 7(3): 76-80.


10 Reasons to Use an IVF and Fertility Coach

Monica Bivas. 7(3): 81-82.

Research Article

Evaluation of the Benefits of a Newly Marketed Vaginal Gel (Palomacare®) on Vaginal Health of Peri and Postmenopausal Women (Atrovag Survey)

Santiago Palacios, Fernando Losa, Josep Combalia, Carine Emsellem, Yann Gaslain and Danial Khorsandi. 7(3): 104-106.