Volume 7 Issue 12

Review Article

Gasotransmitters against Hepatic Reperfusion Injury

Khodosovsky MN. 7(12): 45-49.

Literature Review

A Review of Significance of Intra Abdominal Pressure Measurement in Acute Abdomen

Sangeet Manchanda and Sharadendu Bali. 7(12): 22-30.

Letter to Editor

Eosinophilic Gastritis in Adults. The Exclusion Diet is a Therapeutic Option?

Ignacio Omella, Carmen González-Lois and Marta Calvo. 7(12): 05-07.

Literature Review

Clinical Spectrum and Various Surgical Options in Management of Lower Limb Ulcers

Hemangi Gandhi, Sharadendu Bali , Sameer Pundeer , Srinivas Reddy , Nitesh Singh and Duvaraha Devi. 7(12): 31-47.

Review Article

Biomarkers Used in Gall Bladder Cancer: A Review

Chaithra Kalkur. 7(12): 90-98.

Research Article

Current Status of Portopulmonary Hypertension and Hepatopulmonary Syndrome

Kazuhisa Kodama, Naoki Serizawa, Etsuko Hashimoto, Tomomi Kogiso, Takaomi Sagawa, Maiko Taniai, Katsutoshi Tokushige and Nobuhisa Hagiwara. 7(12): 63-69.

Research Article

Ultrastructure of Plasma Cells in Mucous Membrane of Digestion Organs in Pathology

Ivanova VF and Kostyukevich SV. 7(12): 70-76.