Volume 6 Issue 1


Colorectal Carcinogenesis: A Complex Malignancy of Multiple Pathways

Mumtaz Anwar and Safrun Mahmood. 6(1): 01-02.

Research Article

Granulomatous Gastritis: Clinical and Pathological Features

Baklouti Raoua, Gueddiche Arwa, Aissaoui Firas, Ben Amor Soumaya, Loghmeri Hichem, Ben Mansour Wafé, Bouhlel Wided and Safer Laila. 6(1): 03-05.

Case Report

Signet Cell Adenocarcinoma with Colorectal and Facial Metastasis - A Case Report

Talia Ryan and Antonio Caycedo-Marulanda. 6(1): 05-11.

Case Report

Persistent Diffuse Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Treatment in Extremis with FloSeal®

Francisco Javier Pérez Lara, A Ferrer Berges, JM Hernández González, S Gómez González, C Tellez Iñiguez and H Oliva Muñoz. 6(1): 12-18.

Case Report

Critical Shock-Related Acute Pancreatitis

Filipa Ribeiro Crespo Lucas, Ana Filipa Carvalho and Fernanda Louro. 6(1): 19-22.


GERD: The Must to Know

Ammar Alkattan. 6(1): 23.

Research Article

Hemostatic Endoscopic Treatment of Gastroduodenal Varices by Chemical Glue Mixed with Glucose Serum: Experience of Hassan II University Hospital Center

O Laalj, A Lamine, R Benjira, M Lahlali, A Lamine, H Abid, N Lahmidani, M El Yousfi, M El Abkari, A Ibrahimi and D Benajah. 6(1): 24-28.

Mini Review

Structuring Meat Analogues Using Extrusion: An Insight

Navneet Singh Deora and Madhuresh Dwivedi. 6(1): 29-31.

Case Report

Merkel Cell Carcinoma as a Diagnosis of an Inguinal Mass, a Case Report

Fernández-Hevia María, León Manolo, Villar Carmen, Junco Aurora and González-Fernandez Jesús. 6(1): 45-49.