Volume 5 Issue 4

Research Article

Association of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease with Heart Failure Preserved Ejection Fraction

Drapkina Oksana and Ziatenkova Elena. 5(4): 183-190.

Review Article Best Article of the Issue

Gut Microbiota Alterations in Liver Diseases

Lemonica Koumbi. 5(4): 191-198.

Research Article

Evaluation of Self Expandable Metal Stents (SEMS) in Upper Gastrointestinal Malignancies as a Palliative Treatment, a Single Center Experience

Osama Elbahr, Ahmad Kamal, Mohammad Amin, Alyaa Sabry, Ahmad Edris, Aly Nada and Nabil Elbahr. 5(4): 204-210.

Case Report

Erosion and Gastric Inclusion: Late Complication of Lap-Band

Marta Maes-Carballo, Bárbara Cantarero-Jiménez, Manuel Martín-Díaz, Ignacio Plata-Pérez, Salvador Calzado- Baeza and Francisco Herrera-Fernández. 5(4): 211-216.

Research Article

Buschke-Lowenstein Tumor of the Ano Genital Region. Management about Seven Cases at University Hospital of Treichville

Laurent N’dri Kouadio, Amalado Ayemou, François Xavier Kouadio N’Goran and Germain Koffi Kouadio. 5(4): 217-221.

Research Article

Endoscopic Instrumental Dilatation of Benign Esophageal Stenosis in Children and Adolescents

F Belghanem, K Amalou, D Kezzoula, S Guelmami, HE Hadj-Mati, N Kecili, A Bousseloub and A Khelifaoui. 5(4): 222-233.

Review Article

Complications of Acute Pancreatitis: Imaging Revisited

Sonali Sethi and Satyajit Godhi. 5(4): 234-242.

Research Article

Rubber Band Ligation in Hemorrhoidal Disease. What do you Expect to Happen in Short Term? Experience in 296 Applications

Esteban Grzona, Paula Acoroni, Carla Sconda, Lucas Quelin, Juan Manuel Sotelo and Victor Serafini. 5(4): 243-247.

Research Article

Prognosis Prediction in Liver Transplant Patients: A Comparison among Indocyanine Green Pulse-Spectrophotometry Clearance, Wagener, Donor Risk Index and Olthoff Scores

Esteban Gonzalez D, Alexandre Trevisan, Eduardo Gonzalez, D’Albuquerque LA and Andraus W. 5(4): 248-256.

Literature Review

Pancreatic Cancer Research in India: A Scientometric Assessment of Publications during 2007-16

BM Gupta, Ritu Gupta and Jivesh Bansal. 5(4): 257-268.

Case Report

Esofagitis by Lumbricoid Ascaris

Barreno R, Abarca P, Garcés T, Basantes N, Ayala V, Guaman I, Changoluisa E, Peñaherrera D, Montes M, Ramos S, Castillo C, Ayala G, Abarca J, Calderon W, Carrera E, Del Salto C and Changoluisa E. 5(4): 269-277.

Research Article

Probiotic Intervention Ameliorate Gut Cytokines Profile during Chronic Stress

Carolina Maldonado-Galdeano, Martín Palomar and Gabriela Perdigón. 5(4):278-290.

Case Report

Intussusception in an Adult: An Unusual Presentation of Small Bowel Obstruction

Marwa Al-Azzawi and Yahya Al-Azri. 5(4): 291-296.

Research Article

Lessons Learned with the LiMON Method of Indocyanine Green Elimination

Carlos A. Pantanali, Gonzalez D Esteban, D’Albuquerque LA, Andraus W, Barzallo P and Asperti AM. 5(4): 297-304.