Volume 5 Issue 12

Case Report

Late Presentation of Incarcerated Diaphragmatic Hernia after Blunt Abdominal Trauma. Clinical Case and Review of the Literature

Elena Puerta Polo, Bueno Delgado Álvaro and Casamayor Franco Carmen. 5(12): 939-943.

Case Report

Extensive Intestinal Resection after Mesenteric Thrombosis

Alejandro Weber-Sánchez, Pablo Weber-Alvarez and Asunción Alvarez-Del Campo. 5(12): 944-948.

Case Report

Immunological Response Post-Hepatitis B Virus Clearance -A Case Report

Evaristus Chukwudike, Uchenna C Okonkwo, Mbang Kooffreh-Ada and Ogbu E Ngim. 5(12): 949-951.

Case Report

Rectal Adenocarcinoma with Renal Metastasis Report of a Rare Case and Literature Review

R Allali, K Bordj, A Djenaoui, M Abada, I Hafaia, H Ait Kaci and I Ayadi. 5(12): 952-955.

Case Report

Ectopic Pancreas of Infringing Localization

Jose Guzmán G, Alejandro Mayorga G and Asisclo Boada S. 5(12): 956-961.

Research Article

The Evaluation of Intestinal and Extra Intestinal Surgeries in Patients with IBD

George Mantzouranis, Maria Saridi, Eleni Albani, Georgios Glantzounis, Konstantinos H Katsanos and Dimitrios K Christodoulou. 5(12): 983-989.

Case Report

Transanal Resection of a Neuroendocrine Rectal tumor. An Alternative and Safe Technique

Alexander Forero-Torres, Manuel Losada Ruiz, Beatriz Dieguez and Alfredo Alonso Poza. 5(12): 990-993.

Research Article

Do Multiple Deprivation Index Scores Correlate with the Prevalence and Outcome of Pancreatic and Periampullary Cancer in West Yorkshire?

Mazin Hamed, Sophie Jackson, James Pine, Andrew M Smith and Gareth Morris Stiff. 5(12): 994-1002.

Case Report

Azathioprine Hypersensitivity Syndrome: A Complication to do Not Omit

Fatima-Zohra Moumayez, Nawal Elkhabiz, Imane Benelbarhdadi and Fatima Zahra Ajana. 5(12): 1003-1004.

Research Article

Complicated Choledocholithiasis More Common after Cholecystectomy

Joseph Spataro, Mazen Tolaymat, Michael Jacobs, Charles A Kistler and Monjur Ahmed. 5(12): 1005-1010.

Case Study

Porcelain Gallbladder - Always a Challenge

Sorin Cimpean and Marie Therese Marechal. 5(12): 1011-1015.