Volume 5 Issue 11

Research Article

Combined Bio-Prosthesis for Oesophagus Defect Repair (Experimental Study)

Vandaele S, Najar ES, Delrée P, DePrez C, Maquet V and Coulic Véry. 5(11): 854-871.

Mini Review

Choledocholithiasis and Laparoscopic Laser Lithotripsy. Single-Centre Experience: Randomized Controlled Trial

Archili Miminoshvili, Kyrylo Holubytsky and Omari Miminoshvili. 5(11): 890-893.


Correlation between Illness and Psychological Stress in Health Assessments

Ana Lucia Couto Coronel, Helena Terezinha Hubert Silva and Eliane Dallegrave. 5(11): 894-896.

Case Report

Anal Paracoccidioidomycosis. An Unusual Presentation: A Case Report

Torres Carlos, Gil Dina and Torres Douglas. 5(11): 897-902.

Case Report

Hypoxia in a Patient with Esophageal Cancer

Dipti Sagar, Pravachan Hegde, Helen Wong and Shreyas Saligram. 5(11): 903-906.

Case Report

A Case of NSAID Colopathy where the Culprit is Evidenced on the Colonoscopy

Patricia Guzman Rojas, Reetika Sachdeva, Jignesh Parikh and Le-Chu Su. 5(11): 907-910.

Case Report

Mucinous Adenocarcinoma as Malignant Degeneration of a Retrorectal Cyst. An Unexpected Outcome

Roldán Villavicencio Javier Ismael, Larrea Oleaga Jasone, Marquina Tobalina Teresa, Servide Staffolani Maria José and Prieto Calvo Mikel. 5(11): 911-914.

Case Report

Atypical Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma Mimicking Retroperitoneal Teratoma: A Case Report

Zenaidi Hakim, Yahmadi Abdelwahed, Ben Ismail Imen, Rebii Saber and Zoghlami Ayoub. 5(11): 915-919.

Case Report

Appendicitis in Umbilical Hernia: A Case Report

Linda Hermus, Patrick N Domerchie and Frank HW Kloppenberg. 5(11): 920-925.

Mini Review

Endovascular Method of Bleeding Control in Pancreatic Necrosis: Two-Year Single-Centre Experience

Archili Miminoshvili, Omari Miminoshvili, Sergey Yaroschak and Kyrylo Holubytsky.. 5(11): 926-930.