Volume 3 Issue 3


“Thyroidfulness” from the Hand of Mindfulness?

Graciela Cremaschi. 3(3): 89-91 .

Research Article

Frequency of Type 2 Diabetes According to Optimal Cut-points for Body Mass Index in Saudi Population

Khalid S Aljabri, Samia A Bokhari, Muneera A Alshareef, Patan M Khan and Bandari K Aljabri. 3(3): 92-102.

Review Article

Effect of Thyroid Dysfunction on Memory and Cognitive Function

Ayat Atallah Alsomairi. 3(3): 114-118.

Case Report

An Adolescent with Prolactinoma or Factitious Hyperprolactinemia: Role of Laboratory Immunoassay

Misha Sodhi, Janell Carter, Lauren McVoy, Manish Raisingani, Raphael David and Bina Shah. 3(3): 119-123.

Case Report

The Case of a Young Lady with Abdominal Pain

Zvi H Perry, Uri Netz, Shahar Atias, Yair Glazer, Michael Rivin and Solly Mizrahi. 3(3): 124-132.

Short Communication

Thyroid Disorders in Systemic Angiitis: Myth or Reality?

Salem Bouomrani. 3(3): 133-135.