Volume 3 Issue 8


Managing Hypertension in Post-Renal Transplant Recipients

Musab Umair Khalid, Noor-ul-Ain Khalid and Athar Zernain. 3(8): 529-530.

Research Article

Cardiac Arrest in Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit: A Pilot Study on Crisis Resource Management Course

Cusmà Piccione R, Bernasconi G and Alberio G. 3(8): 531-536.

Research Article

Best Skin Suture: Interrupted or Continuous?

Parinaz Shahroudi, Moslem Armoeyan and Shayan Alijanpour. 3(8): 496-498.

Review Article

DSM IV TR Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder

Tamara C McGill-Carter. 3(8): 499-502.

Case Report

A 42-Year-Old Woman with Respiratory Distress in the ED: A Case Report

J Ashkar, P Pechansky, M Medvedovsky and K Zilber. 3(8): 522-526.

Research Article

Prognostic Accuracy of SOFA, qSOFA, SIRS Criteria and Lactate Level in Infected Patients Admitted in ICU

Ahlem Trifi, Cyrine Abdennebi, Sami Abdellatif, Foued Daly, Yosr Touil and Salah Ben Lakhal. 3(8): 537-544.

Research Article

Over Advanced Life Support Reboa in Non Traumatic Non Haemorragic Cardiac Arrest

Spaini G and Cusmà Piccione R. 3(8): 581-585.

Research Article

AES a Presentation of Ascaris Toxin

Avinash Shankar, Amresh Shankar and Anuradha Shankar. 3(8): 586-593.

Research Article

Complications Post-Tonsillectomy in Patients Operated in the Hospital Escuela, Tegucigalpa, January-July, 2019

Enid Gabriela Valle Rodriguez and Oscar Fawed Ortega Reyes. 3(8):594-598.


Ambitions to be a Specialist Physician with Leadership Quality

Selamawit Alemayehu Tessema. 3(8): 575-577.