Volume 4 Issue 1


Effect of Pesticide Exposure on Diabetes

Sabina Khanam. 4(1): 159-160.

Research Article

Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines, Leptin and HGF in Obese and Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Jorge Pérez-Galarza, Behiye Özcan, Lucy Baldeon, Harm de Wit, Diana Aguirre, Valeria Alulema, Eric Sijbrands and Hemmo Drexhage. 4(1): 147-158.

Review Article

Review the Evidence of Life Style Management in the Prevention of Type 2-Diabetes and Compare them to Pharmacological Interventions

Rajesh Jain, Susanne Olejas, Ani Rashel Feh, Alexander Edwards, Ibina Abigo, Wioleta Zietek, Zoonifer Khan, Satrupa Ragoonanan, Nisha Benoy and Dee Bramble. 4(1): 161-166.

Case Report

Life-Threatening Ketoacidosis in a Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Precipitated by LCHF Diet and SGLT2 Inhibition

Kamila Avander, Peter Magnusson and Åke Sjöholm. 4(1): 167-171.

Review Article

Diabetes, Triglycerides and Atherosclerosis

Gerald H Tomkin and Daphne Owens. 4(1): 01-11.

Research Article

Determinants of Health Service Utilization among Older Adults in Ambo Town, West Shoa Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia

Abiru Neme Negewo, Wadu Wolancho Debocha and Gadisa Bekele Bedada. 4(1): 01-15.