Volume 3 Issue 4


Human Obesity Management, Pathways and Therapeutics Beyond Metabolic Limitation

Da-Yong Lu, Jin-Yu Che, Swathi Putta, Ying Shen and Bin Xu. 3(4): 106-108.

Research Article

Burden of Obesity in Sedentary Jobs

Brijesh Mukherjee and Gargi Sarangi. 3(4): 109-113.

Review Article

Thymoquinone, a Panacea for Diabetic Complications - An Overview

Chandrasekaran Sankaranarayanan. 3(4): 120-126.

Research Article

The Importance of Authentic Human Epidermal Growth Factor in Offering Effective Treatments for Hard-To-Heal Wounds

WKR Wong, KL Ng, CC Lam, H Wang, XH Hu and MW Tsang. 3(4): 138-146.