Volume 3 Issue 3

Research Article

The Subjective Impact of Diabetes in Pregnancy: A Qualitative Study

Mukona DM, Munjanja SP, Zvinavashe M, Dodzo LG and Chituku S. 3(3): 76-82.

Research Article

Diabetes Management in Tunisia: Health Professional and Patients Perspectives

Ben Mansour Nadia, Mahfoudh Sassi Asma and Ben Romdhane Habiba. 3(3): 83-90.

Review Article

Infectious Diseases and Vaccination in Patients with Diabetes

Jainta N, Grzyb K and Otto-Buczkowska E. 3(3): 91-97.

Mini Review

Mini-Review of Obesity, Etiology Progresses and Different Therapeutics

Da-Yong Lu, Jin-Yu Che, Yi Lu, Yong-Kang Huang, Ting-Lan Lu, Yu-Zhen Chen, Da-Feng Lu, Nagendra Sastry Yarla and Swathi Putta. 3(3): 98-102.