Volume 5 Issue 6

Research Article

A Review of Methods Used for Analysing Colour Data in Dental Studies Evaluating Colour Match of Restorative Materials

Nabiel ALGhazali, Fadi Jarad, Phil Smith, Antony Preston, Mohammed Moaleem and Girvan Burnside. 5(6): 1195-1201.

Research Article

Flaskless Curing of Acrylic Dentures by Microwave Energy

Nagy Abdulsamea Abdulhameed. 5(6): 1202-1207.

Case Report

Tourettes Syndrome Synopsis

Andre Hedger. 5(6): 1214-1218.

Additional Information

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aniko Bende. 5(6): 1219.

Short Communication

Fluoride Varnishes: Why They Work & What to Look For

Robert L. Karlinsey. 5(6): 1220-1223.