Volume 2 Issue 3

Research Article

Shortened Dental Arches as a Treatment: Attitudes of Sudanese Specialists in Prosthodontics

Sahar Elbajir Hassan Abdalla and Nadia Khalifa. 2(3): 276-283.

Research Article

Halitosis Related Parameters from Patients with Chronic Periodontitis

Soares LS, Castagna L, Weyne SC, Silva DG, Falabella MEV and Tinoco EMB. 2(3): 284-292.

Review Article

Oral Health Literacy: Findings of A Scoping Review

Navdeep Kaur, Daniel Kandelman, Laura Nimmon and Louise Potvin. 2(3): 293-306.

Research Article

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunctions and Bio-Materials: Design, Free Radical Defense and Mechanism In Vitro

V Tamara Perchyonok, Tatiana Souza, Elena Pirogova, Desigar Moodley, Nickolas Basson, Shengmiao Zhang and Sias Grobler. 2(3): 307-316.

Short Communication

Zirconia Based Restorations: Bonding or Cementation?

Nissaf Daouahi, Dalenda Hadyaoui and Mounir Cherif. 2(3): 317-318.