Volume 21 Issue 10


Nanomaterials: A Boon in Prosthodontics

Arpit Sikri and Jyotsana Sikri. 21(10): 01-02.

Research Article

Skull Growth Type Influence on Eastern Europeans’ Normal Face Configuration

Magomedov RR, Slabkovskaya AB, Porokhin AY, Kaplan DB1 and Persin LS. 21(10): 11-22.

Research Article

Microbial Contamination of Salvadora persica (Miswak Chewing Stick): Comparison with Commercially Available Toothbrush

Azizah Bin Mbayrik, Hafsah Hassan Al Ali and Sadeem Ali Alomar. 21(10): 23-29.

Research Article

Association of Serum Vitamin D and Serum Lipid Levels in Chronic Periodontitis Patients- A Comparative Study

Dr. Sakshi Manhas, Dr. Sumit Kaushal, Navneet Kaur and Dr. Gurpreet Kaur. 21(10): 30-42.

Case Report

Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach for Crown Fracture: 18 Years Follow Up

Renata Pereira, Tamires Pereira Dutra, Laura Nobre Ferraz, Débora Alves Nunes Leite Lima, Flávio H Baggio Aguiar and Enílson A Sallum. 21(10): 46-58.

Research Article

SEM Evaluation of Surface Morphology and Cell Structure in PRF Membrane Prepared in Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Centrifugation Method

P Rajababu, G Jagadish Reddy, Atchuta Abhinav, Ch. Tejaswini Reddy, Palle Ajay Reddy and G Pradeep Raj. 21(10): 59-66.

Case Report

A Large Telangiectatic Granuloma In Paediatric Patient and its Management- A Case Report

Kajal Dave, Shivani Sachdeva and Harish Saluja. 21(10): 67-72.

Review Article

Causes of Dental Sensitivities in Children

Karimi M. 21(10): 73-79.

Research Article

Assessment of Hand Hygiene Practice among Undergraduate Female Students at College of Dentistry, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia

Awatef AlJuhani, Bayan Alwaht, Safana Halawani, Miead Alsayed, Anmar Khalid, Atheer Algouzi, Waad Ali, Rami AlHomrani, May Gamar Elanbya and Taha Akhtar. 21(10): 89-94.