Volume 18 Issue 5


3D Printing Technology: Where are We Now???

Arpit Sikri. 18(5): 823.

Research Article

Eucalyptus spp: Candida albicans Antibiofilm Activity

Janaina Priscila Barbosa, Thaís Rossini de Oliveira, Daniele de Godoy Penteado Bragado Puppin, Anderson Laerte Teixeira, Giovana Cláudia Boni, Simone Nataly Busato de Feiria, Marcelle Marie Buso-Ramos and José Francisco Höfling. 18(5): 824-840.

Research Article

Prevalence of Dental Anomalies through Panoramic Radiographies of Children from Argentina

Hugo Norberto Aragón, Luis Fernando Wuscovi, María Esther Gordillo and María Elena López. 18(5): 841-847.

Review Article

Oral Health and Dental Care of Children with Visual Impairment -- An Over View

SVSG Nirmala and Degala Saikrishna. 18(5): 848-853.

Case Series

Management of Non Healing Periapical Lesions with Surgical Endodontic Therapy Assisted with 3D Additive Manufacturing Aids: Case Series

Raji Viola Solomon, MS Ranga Reddy, P Karunakar, Shanti Priya and Sravan Polasa. 18(5): 858-865.

Review Article

Oral Histopathological Changes in Premature Infants

Huda S Alrakaf. 18(5): 866-871.

Review Article

Pit and Fissure Sealants in Pediatric Dentistry

Amal Saleem Safar Alharthi and Ahmed Mohamed Elmarakby. 18(5): 872-878.

Case Report

Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Transplantation for Socket Preservation: A Clinical Report

Tabanella Giorgio, Ferlosio Amedeo, Orlandi Augusto and Gennai Alessandro. 18(4): 879-887.

Case Report

Orbital Metastasis of an Undifferentiated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A Case Report

Laababsi Rabii, Bouzbouz Anass, Lekhbal Adil, Bijou Walid, Rouadi Sami, Abada Reda Lah, Roubal Mohamed and Mohamed Mahtar. 18(5): 888-891.

Case Report

Symptomatic Trigeminal Neuralgia - A Case Report

Santan Reddy Muthyam, Praveen Kumar Balmuri and Surekha P. 18(5): 920-923.

Case Report

A-PRF in Maxillary Sinus Augmentation for Dental Implant - A Case Report

C Burnice Nalina Kumari, Pradeep Devadoss, Vijayalakshmi R, M Sujeetha, Jaideep Mahendra and Aazam Ahamed Puthan Purakkal. 18(5): 943-951.

Case Report

Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis: A Family Study

Eirini Boutiou, Aikaterini-Elisavet Doufexi, Georgios Makris and Anastasia Kouvatsi. 18(5): 952-958.

Review Article

Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children and the Role that Dentists Play: A Review

Manojkumar Jaiswal, Divya P and Sanjeev singh. 18(5): 959-966.

Short communication

Experimental Gingivitis a Critical Analysis

Jose Ricardo Kina and Eunice Fumico Umeda Kina. 18(5): 967-968.

Case Report

Medication-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw. Two Cases

Manuel A Linares C, Marisol Benito and Mariluz Benito. 18(5): 969-974.

Review Article

The Orthodontic Patient: Examination and Diagnosis

Ramy Ishaq. 18(5): 975-988.

Case Report

Unusual Foreign Object - An Incidental Radiographic Discovery

Purnachandrarao Naik. 18(5): 989-991.

Case Report

Therapeutic Effect of Botulinum Toxin in Trigeminal Neuralgia: Case Report

Himshweta Das, Atul Sharma, Amit Aggarwal, Deepak Gupta, Ram Garg and Sakshi Mehta. 18(5): 992-996.

Case Report

A Finding of Concrescence of Upper Molars after a History of Maxillofacial Trauma

Annie Addo-Yobo, Owen Jermyn and Emma Quartey. 18(5): 997-1000.

Mini Review

Modification of Glass Ionomer Restorative Material: A Review of Literature

Dhafer Al Shaibani, Badr Bamusa, Saeed Bajafar, Saja Al Eidan, Dalal Almuhaidib, Faisal alhakeem and Waleed Bakhadher. 18(5): 1001-1006.

Review Article

How can Bleaching Affect Positively and Negatively on Discolored Teeth

Zahar A Nemer and Ahmed Mohamed Elmarakby. 18(5): 1007-1013.

Research Article

Long Term Study of the Prevalence of Second Mesiobuccal canal in Maxillary First Molar of Saudi Population

Fouad Abduljabbar, Lina F Mengari, Ahlam M Bahkali, Ghada Essa, Fayssal Farahat and Rehab M Abdelaal. 18(5): 1014-1020.

Case Report

Close Reduction of the Unilateral Angle Fracture of the Mandible: A Case Report

Ashek Elahi Noor, Nurul Amin, Tazrin Mustari Shanta and Md Asaduzzaman Mazumder. 18(5): 1021-1026.

Mini Review

Platform Switching: An Overall Solution or an Overestimated Technique?

Dimokritos Papalexopoulos, Aspasia Sarafianou, Theodora-Kalliopi Samartzi and Gerasimos Filippatos. 18(5): 1027-1034.


The Dental Mortician the Culprit

Ron Carlson. 18(5): 1035-1043.

Research Article

Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation after Two Years of Implants with Mandibular Overdentures and Submitted to Immediate Loading

Juan Alberto Aristizabal Hoyos, Erika Gerstner Bruns, Gabriela Cabrera Calderón, Angela Osorio Montealegre, Carlos Eduardo Arango González, Santiago González Ossa and Paula Tatiana Chacón Arboleda. 18(5): 1044-1055.

Case Report

Alveolar Ridge Split: A Minimally Invasive Alternative

Lisandro Lo’Presti and Valentino Mugavero. 18(5): 1065-1067.


Nutritional Angle On The Tempero Mandibular Joint (TMJ)

André Hedger. 18(5): 1068-1076.

Research Article

In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Ethanolic Propolis Extracts from Santander against Enterococcus faecalis

Laura Viviana Herrera Sandoval, Marcos Humberto Pisciotti Ortega, Otoniel Ramos Monsalve, Laura Fernanda Neira Fuentes, Julio Roberto Pinzón Joya, Adriana Victoria Herrera Becerra and José Antonio Soto Salcedo. 18(5): 1077-1083.

Research Article

Point Orbitale [“Or”] - The Pivot of Naso-maxillary Complex (Part-I)

Pawar Vasant, Taji Mangal Singh J and Jain Hitendra R. 18(5): 1084-1088.